Sugar and Snarls

by Volcanoes

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released February 26, 2010


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Volcanoes Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Level UP
Level UP
Samson Bedford

Look at that tatt, well scratched oh I’m dripping ink
Heart and dagger blaze out from my gun
Not much muscle but high fives for the avatar
One word on the scroll to prove that I’m a good son

What is this place what are all these people doing
Maxy Clifford’s got you man what a bell
Can’t stand the bore who cares about the nitty gritty
Give me XP I’m not from round here can’t you tell

Score if you dare
I’m Brutal Deluxe and you know that I can level up
Mother said
Get some fresh air
But I stayed close to the screen with my door shut
Eyes wide
Some say square
I can parcur with the best and some good luck
And if I waft a few hits
At least I’ve got my medikit

I get the ache I’ve got the stress in my fingers
Mars will attack and who will bring relief
Stay back my girl I’ve got the situation covered
But she just snarls from the sofa in disbelief

Oh I want action and I’ll get what I need
Sort it out and come and entertain me
Kick like a mad one and taste the risk
Come on and stay up all night with me and we’ll settle this
Track Name: Fret in the Half Moon
Fret in the Half Moon
music/lyrics by Sam Bedford
4th Oct 2009

We seek thrills we explore we followed a map
The sirens call and tonight those creatures attack
Oh they got us where they want us you and the jaws await

The lunar light half bright and forcing a change
She’s a he, no he’s a she, acting strange
More poison please have you tried that fungi shake, they throw the hook and we take the bait

And if you want a night that you can’t forget
For all the wrong reasons, you’ll wish for the sunrise
Not the paradise we were looking for
Just a narrow miss for fuzzy young minds

Taste the tension and present your traits
Have you skill enough or will you break
Don’t you love this feeling in your chest
It’s riot it’s a DNA test
Calls for a leader who can gather us in
Friend’s reacting as the night turns grim
And we’ve got that feeling in our chest
It’s a riot it’s a DNA test

Look at the heard they dance so careless in drink
Could be sandy tomb or the Hilton’s stink
Come on police, ruin us and get your bribes

Go steady friends this is a pincer strike
Broken glass girly boy wants blood tonight
Casual lunge at his face with burning fag light – then rolls her frenzied eyes
Track Name: Fathoms
Samson Bedford

How did we find ourselves here again
There’s no-one else around and you’re near again
Though we’ve tried this all before so we know how it ends
We are the ruin of each other and I to this I surrender

Give me back frenzy of the passion pit
How on earth could we divide when we revel in it
And will find the rusty key still clicks the lock
And the secrets between us open up like a music box

All my body is shaking
Loosing Light
I’ve been missing connection wasted in the night
Just a whirlpool, we can only drown
She’s Fathoms and I’m falling deeper down
We could be magnetic, we’re fools of fate
Come into these arms into that longed for space
Running through me, all I know
Is she’s fathoms and into the void we go

And did you think you get let this go
You’d walk away untainted like you’d never known
You got traces in others when it came flooding back
A rush of blood wide eyes and a rhythm attack

So don’t hold back don’t grip the sides
This is descent and down we slide
Are we doomed to the Abyss like the Dantè dance
You can pull me tighter we might not get another chance

Oh, take me out with no fuss, I know a girl who’s a whirlpool and she’s drowning us
Oh, nothing else is like this a promise to the death cold and illusive

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