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by Volcanoes



released January 1, 2005


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Volcanoes Leeds, UK

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Track Name: She's on Me
She’s on me
Lyrics and melody Sam Bedford
Volcanoes ©2009

He’s got the one girl I chose to take me
Away from this half life I live in lately
For he is the vandal who gets to explore, he does not appreciate
I’m good for nothing I creep and crawl, no I never fascinate

I close my door jealousy takes a hold of me
Oh what I see through closed eyes
I twist and panic their kisses before me now
She’s on me
I fantasise

He gestures don’t leave me, not even fake chance
Those hints of affection I store in locked banks
Sometimes a pretend I’m more of a catch a secret kept all of this time
I could be like him hard to resist, the power and her taste devine

Alone in my madness her ghost will apparate
It bends reality
I’m greatful in heartache and he’s not a factor now
She’s on Me

She’s on me now and I can’t give her back
This bed of tears oh they roll away

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