Badchild Farsight

by Volcanoes

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The dark side of Volcanoes


released November 28, 2010


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Volcanoes Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Who's the Badchild
Who’s the Badchild
Words and music Samson Bedford
August 2010

In 1979 a child was born with three eyes
One for the future, one for now and the other…..for space invaders
You got to be good if you want high scores – got to be hot
Time for the mind now - Hadouken

Vacate the castles you made so comfortable
Futurised he’s 3eyes > and locking on, you’re rubble
Stop actor don’t unleash you gob
Opinionated, overquoted > wont you get a proper job
He’s seen the lies
Bought a ticket for a film that should be televised
And they’ll remake twice
He wont idolise – He’s got the farsight warming up - got to put a stop this
Before they make a sequel
Two archer’s fingers raised to Hollywood,
Selecta respecta - rolls the Badchild’s interllect

Ah man those special effects – those special effects man did you, did you see them
They we’re like…

What’s that noise - radio rap
Pitiful lyrics spouted out over sampled tracks
Got to protest run rapper run
Badchild he’s got the farsight, fry witless scum
He’s only warming up – there’s a line of false idols waiting to be cooked
Look at them all corrupt
Did I say he’s warming – primed and lyrically postal

He see’s through walls and his aim is good
Guess we’re all just a little bit tired of the lack of substance in our neighbourhoods
Minds like zombies and everything’s the same
Takes a badchild with a bit of farsight to start a change, now get out the way

Was that hip-hop or trip hop
Don’t stop until your brain pops

Who’s the Badchild
Track Name: Harlequins
May 2010 - lyrics and melody Samson Bedford

They’re the harlequins
They dress code and stick together
Their floppy attitudes, designed to repel
They’re into only select music
But not entirely did they choose it
They find out what they should be seen to be liking
They follow orders well

And they call shots
Top the pops
Them not, them not

If you want in, fools try
Invitation only their high fives
And they aint gonna give out get used to that
What are we good for
We don’t say the right things anymore
We came and we saw

Right now they’re electronic
They put their hot fuss on it
They’re wearing glasses though they see just fine
That’s intelligence
And their keen to share their numbers if you’re social elite
I wanted the attention, wanted in with the clique
I said so give me what I need
She said I know what you need
Well hell what do I need
What you need is for your heart to bleed

If you get in you don’t hear anymore
Cold faces no idea anymore
Track Name: Monkey.Gossip.Cross.Tesseract
7.5.2010 lyrics and melody Samson Bedford

Turn it off
It’s too late for monkey mind
Songs that inflict pressure
Numbers beat and I bleed time
She’s fast asleep her feet do that kicking thing
An arm that dreams across my chest
A love unquestioned
Versus what is on, I digress

Four dirty judges smug and rich
Tearing out hearts and licking their lips
Nobody reads but they gossip a lot
And they sit and they knit as the guillotine chops

Sent some prayers out
Turning my back on Goldilocks
Can you dig too deep
In hyperspace, I’d wear the cross
Fold that Tesseract
4D now but still a fluke
And we give ourselves a reason
Find the gap and pass it through

Another me and her close to touch
I want to feel fate but I’m gravity pushed
With omniscience, he knows how it ends
So we don’t have a choice just time to pretend

Musings on light speed, thanks Michio Kaku
To the deep freeze in the dead of night
Oh silly me I had cheese for supper
Logic or Love when they turn out the lights

Many many monkeys full of tricks
Beating my head and licking their lips
I read too much and they gossip a lot
Culture was here then the guillotine chopped
Another me and her, close to touch
He suffered on the cross and I question much
Tesseract, Dali, Shakespeare penned
Infinity resets and we loved to pretend
Track Name: I think I know stuff reading the News
I think I know stuff Reading the News
Music and lyrics Samson Bedford August 2010

I think I know stuff Reading the News
I don’t know nothing that’s not the truth
No I only see
What they want me to see
And I feel so righteous when they say I’m right
But I don’t hear the cries and the screams in the night
No I only hear
What they want me to here – I don’t know nothing

Oh better take a closer look
Blip in the details I sniff a cover up
Brrrrrp bbbrrrrp, phone of the hook
Can’t keep the door shut
Shift the East - West
Watered down so you don’t protest
Turn to page three for some ass and some breast
Not your daughter, chill, take a breath

Spin it up and omit the worst
Brush it off now deal with the dirt
A little white lie never hurt – you should smile for the cameras
Oxfords hit, fiddle with the tax
Doesn’t look good, no you can’t tell them that
Hustling votes from the council flats

Chained to the Red Tops
Kicking of “they took our jobs”
So wise those angry mobs
We’re all immigrants here are we not
That aint news that’s just gossip
The glitterati pointless freaks
You know they’ve got PR on it
So careful what you see

Know the game but not the score
Got your head around the war
Commodities or protecting shores
Did you get what you came for
Can’t trust their greed
Carbon from their industries
And the buck lies with you and me

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